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About Us

Aqua Swim is a unique private school that enables each individual to receive the proper skills in the water.  Aqua Swim is specialized to work with infants as young as 6 months through adults.

Our goal is to strengthen the body, soul and mind. We assist our clients to get rid of fear, build confidence and most importantly to enjoy the water.

We use gentle teaching methods and work with individuals at their own paces. Aqua Swim is effective, fun and courageous.

Chavi Herbsman


Swimming has always been a passion of mine, Yet I never fully pursued it due to a lack of confidence. It was this realization that prompted the creation of Aqua Swim, a venture dedicated to helping others embrace the water, find comfort in it, and learn the art of swimming. The aquatic environment offers an exquisite backdrop for relaxation and healing. By blending therapeutic and energetic exercises, my methodology empowers clients to feel strong, relaxed, and secure. Ultimately, my aspiration is for the water to evoke a profound sense of relief rather than urgency as individuals embark on their swimming therapeutic journey.

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