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Aquatic Rehabilitation

Treat your body to a pain-free experience and simultaneously promote mental healing through specialized techniques such as breathing, stress relief, and relaxation.

At Aqua Swim, we specialize in working with individuals to strengthen their muscles through therapy techniques and exercises.

Our program is designed to assist individuals with injuries, physical disabilities, or low muscle tone. For those who struggle with land-based exercises of any sort, being in the water can enable them to achieve their health and fitness goals with greater ease. Aqua Swim is the ideal destination to improve your flexibility, mobility, and endurance.

How do you know Aqua specialty is for you? 
Are you experiencing any physical or emotional distress? 
  Aqua swim is knowledgeable about helping  people who are suffering from the following conditions including but not limited to:
(also specializing in pediatric)

• Back pain

•Hip/knee injury
• Stress
•Anxiety, depression
•Physical disabilities

We provide our clients with the opportunity to use water for therapeutic purposes due to its warmth, buoyancy,and cohesiveness. Our main focus is to ensure your safety and give you the opportunity to strengthen your health. We strive to provide the most therapeutic environment possible. 

The cost of a 30-minute consultation is $225, which includes: 
   1. Evaluation 
   2. Discuss needs
   3. Determine the rehabilitation process 
   4. Aspirations


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